Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Starting new blog

I used to have a blog at but I just was too lazy to write often. One problem it seems you need a certain discipline to keep doing that. Also I just didn't like this site blogging engine. It just looked too simple and offered little control.

At the certain point I tried to switch over a blog on my personal sitebut instead of actually blogging I got carried away by designing a "perfect" system for my blog. I spend hours evaluating different software for my blog and I had very exotic requirements like being able to use SCM software to store my posts. That implied I need a blog software which uses raw files to store posts. I ended up hacking something monstrous what was a combination of Blosxom, darcs and make. And it wasn't that convenient to use at all either. In the end I probably spent much more time setting up all this then actually blogging.

So now I want to start from the scratch: pick some blogging engine which doesn't get into a way and discipline myself to actually write periodically. From my experience learning new programming languages you learn much faster when you have an actual project you are trying to implement in the new language. In a similar venue I'd expect it would be much easier to find new topics for my blog each day if I have a certain new fun project on my mind. And this new project is going to be teaching myself OCaml. Let's see how it goes.

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